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Vision & Background


Katie Deans is a 5th generation New Zealander from the Deans family, the first settlers in Canterbury. They settled in Christchurch at Riccaton House, now a public park. Deans Bush, another family property is now a World Heritage Reserve. Katie's grandfather was an avid gardener and was a strong influence on her, instilling in Katie a love of horticulture at very early age. Following this interest, Katie studied at Lincoln University where she gained a Diploma in Horticulture and a Diploma in Landscape Technology. She studied in England and gained a John Brookes Design School Diploma. She then worked in Garden Nurseries to gain practical knowledge.


2 years dip hort/ dip Landscape Lincoln
1 year working in Nursery in Canterbury
Sabbatical studying John Brookers Design School in England
2 years working on Canterbury landscapes
7 years Boffa Miskell Partners Queenstown.
20 years experience in the Wakatipu area.


Katie is a keen outdoors woman. She uses her tramping and climbing trips as inspiration for her designs. She finds the Wakatipu basin exciting as each location is unique with a variety of views, vistas and landforms and vegetation. She has extensive experience at setting the building into the setting to create an environs in which clients will feel comfortable and stimulated. She likes to incorporate the native flora and exotics into her designs and enjoys working both "from the ground up" and is also willing to work with clients who wish to emphasize "progressive designs" that leave room for evolution over time. This website features a sampling of her work in the Wakatipu area.


Name: Katharine Russell Deans
Position: Landscape Technician-Designer
1977 Diploma of Horticulture (Lincoln College, New Zealand)
1984 Diploma of Landscape Technology (Lincoln College, New Zealand)
1976 Nursery work at Northfield Gardens, Methven, New Zealand
1980 Nursery work at Bayview Gardens, Sydney, Australia
1984-86Residential Garden designer at Canterbury Landscapes, Christchurch, New Zealand
1987 Self-employed Garden designer Landscape technician, Boffa Miskell Partners, Queenstown
1994 to date Self employed Professional:
Member of Heritage Roses
Member of Farm Forestry

Plant design
Site Supervision
Residential design

Katie Deans Associate of Boffa Miskell Partners from 1987- 1994. Gained Dip HORT in 1977 and Dip Landscape Technician in 1984.
Katie gained a firm knowledge of plants by her early experience in garden nursery work. After completing Landscape Technology, Katie worked two years for Canterbury Landscapes where she designed residential sites, detailed hard and soft construction, cost estimates, site supervision and placement of plants. Katie specializes in plant design through her experience in nursery work, plant placement andtechnical drawing skills. She has an understanding of native and exotic planting appropriate for the Queenstown Basin. During her time with Boffa Miskell Partners, she was plant designer for various projects from residential sites such as the Boult Residence, hotel projects such as THCGardens (National Architectural Award), service stations, street plantings in Queenstown, public gardens such as Pioneer Park, Alexandra and Millbrook Resort (National Landscape Award).

  • Council Presentations
  • GWD Motors
  • Gorge Road Development
  • Lakeland Hotel
  • Dawson Vale Subdivision
  • All got approval from Queenstown Lakes District Council Planning Department.
  • Rural Residential
  • Landscape plans prepared with planting outlines for Applications Queenstown Lakes District Council approval.
  • Public Presentation
  • Entrance to Queenstown, Project 2000.
  • & Won the Contract
  • Landscape Contracting
  • Contract tenders or basic briefs outlined knowledge of Budgets & high standard required of contractors and ability to keep tospecified budgets.

A few Words

Katie is a truly gifted landscape DESIGNER. Her intimate knowledge of plants and their relationship to the surrounding environment makes her our top choice when it comes to landscaping

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